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iMac Repair Glasgow

iMac Repair Glasgow

Our Glasgow based Technicians have over 15 years of experience, are friendly and most importantly honest. We provide software & hardware repairs for all MacBooks & iMacs. Titans no obligation Initial Diagnostics Service is absolutely free and can be completed in most cases whilst you are seated in our waiting area.

We can supply & fit Genuine Mac Parts most of which come with a standard 1 year warranty. Titan charge a fraction of the cost of what you would pay at the Apple Store whilst not compromising on quality.

So no need to make an appointment – just walk in anytime and your Mac will be ready for you in some cases the same day or within a couple of days. We can also provide a technicians site visit for your home or business , or we can collect your device and deliver it to you.

We also offer Discounted Student Rates.

For quick fixed pricing contact us with your serial or the EMC number of your Mac.

Live chat, call or email us today.

Here are just some of the Services we provide:

  • MacOS Installation & Repair
  • Mac Software cleanup
  • Mac Hardware Service
  • MacBook Not Powering On
  • MacBook Question Mark Folder Problem
  • MacBook Question No Entry Sign Problem
  • MacBook & iMac WiFi Connectivity Issues
  • MacBook Fan Replacement Service
  • MacBook & iMac Hard Drive Upgrade & Repairs
  • MacBook & iMac SSD & RAM (system memory) Upgrades
  • Mac USB, HDMI & Thunderbolt Port Repair
  • MacBook & iMac Logic Board Circuit Level Repairs
  • MacBook & iMac Liquid Damage Repairs
  • MacBook & iMac Logic Board Replacement
  • iMac MacBook EFI BIOS Padlock Unlocking  
  • MacBook & iMac Retina, LCD & Glass Replacement 
  • MacBook Hinge Replacement & Repair Service
  • MacBook Keyboard Replacement Service
  • MacBook Battery Replacement
  • MacBook Trackpad Adjustment & Replacement
  • MacBook & iMac Graphics Card Repair
  • Mac Speaker & Mic Replacement